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Saint Mark Parish, Grenada

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Along the west coast of the island nation of Grenada lies the small fishing village of Victoria, Grenada. Victoria is the center of activity for the St. Mark’s parish, the smallest parish on the island in both area and populace with approximately 4,000 people residing. The people of Victoria are warm, kind and very friendly. When one lives in Victoria, or St. Mark’s, they are dubbed to be living in the country. And when you visit, you will most definitely get that feel as you see farmers collecting their produce and the small mom and pop stores surrounding the village. Victoria is a home away from home because of this atmosphere, location, and the people!

The community enjoys playing and watching football and cricket, "liming" on the streets and bars, and cooking the national dish, Oil Down. Victoria has many night clubs and bars to which anyone can go to enjoy some Clarks Courts or Carib and some great company. Every year, Victoria hosts a festival which is called the ST. MARK'S DAY FIESTA which showcases different produce, foods, cultures, music and entertainment throughout the villages of St. Mark. St. Mark’s Day is usually a few weeks after Easter in mid April and provides hours of entertainment and excitement.

The village of Victoria has also created a monthly event called the "Sunset City Food Fest." This activity has been created to improve the living conditions of the people of Victoria and have created a common location where the community can come together to enjoy quality food, time and company. Thus far the Food Fest is on the last Saturday of each month, however, is looking to increase its occurrences fortnightly.

The village of Victoria is placed in an ideal location to which it receives cool trade winds and is privileged enough to have the highest mountain and waterfall within its parish boundaries. Although St. Mark's may be the smallest parish, it makes up with having the highest mountain (Mount Saint Catherine and tallest, most beautifully secluded waterfall on the island called “The Tufton Hall Waterfall.

In Victoria , one can be entertained in whatever way one is inclined, playing football, cricket, basketball, bathing in the sea, taking a swim in the river, checking out the sulfur springs, hiking Mt. St. Catherine, visiting the Tufton Hall Waterfall, enjoying the atmosphere of the Sunset City Food Fest, and even attending St. Mark’s Day for an entire day of enjoyment!

Victoria provides all of this and more! If you are a community member you know the secrets of this amazing place and are able to take advantage of them daily! If you are a visitor, you will have an experience most definitely off the beaten path.

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